November 2017

November 9, 2017 | News

This month in library classes…

Kindergarten students are comparing fiction and nonfiction books.

First graders are continuing to learn about call numbers and library organization.

Second graders are learning features of nonfiction texts.

Third grades are learning how to search the online catalog.

Fourth graders are completing their unit on Digital Citizenship.

Fifth graders are completing their Library President projects and working on their MCBA reading projects.

Katherine Paterson To Speak at the Concord Free Public Library

October 5, 2017 | News, PublicLibrary

Award winning author Katherine Paterson is the next speaker in the Leslie Riedel Memorial Lecture series. The talk will take place on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 7 pm at the Concord Free Public Library, 129 Main Street, Concord. The lecture series was created in memory of Leslie Riedel by her family and friends so that young people could meet some of their favorite authors. This year’s speaker has been a strong contributor to the body of literature written for youth for a long time. She has written more than 30 books and has been awarded the Newbery Medal two times, the National Book Award, the Hans Christian Andersen Award and the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. We are honored to have Katherine Paterson speak at the Library. There will be a reception following the talk and books for autographing will be available for purchase from Porter Square Books. This is a perfect chance for kids age 8 and up as well as adult fans of Katherine’s books to hear one of their favorite authors speak.   Registration for the program can be made by visiting the Library’s website at beginning on October 1.


Contact: Karen Ahearn

(978) 318-3358

October 2017

October 2, 2017 | News

This month in library…

Kindergarteners are learning some library vocabulary, such as author, illustrator, return, and renew, as they continue to practice library routines.

First grade students are practicing alphabetical order and will soon be learning about call numbers to better understand library organization.

Second grade students will be starting a unit on book parts, which includes features of non-fiction texts.

Third grade students are also learning about library organization, specifically how to find books in fiction and non-fiction using call numbers.  Later in the fall, they will also be learning how to use the online catalog to find books in the library.

Fourth grade students will be starting a their Digital Citizenship unit, which teachers children how to be safe, appropriate, and effective users of technology.

Fifth grade students are continuing their work on their library president campaigns as well as the MCBA project, which will conclude when we return from February break.

August / September 2017

August 30, 2017 | News

Welcome to a New Year at Willard

Due to the diligent work in the library and IT departments, library books went home on the first day of school.  Kindergarten and first grade students are each allowed 1 book while students in grades 2 – 5 may check out two. Library books are always due back during the student’s library class and can be renewed if a student needs more time. Popular books may only be renewed once.

If a student forgets a book, he or she may put one “on save,” which means that we will hold the book for up to three days. The student can exchange the overdue book for the “save” book first thing in the morning.

This month in Library Classes:

Students will be acclimating to a new school year. Students in kindergarten will be learning about book care and library procedures. Students in grades 1 – 4 will be reviewing how to find things in the library.

Fifth graders will be starting their two big library projects.

Each year the 5th graders at Willard School participate in the Massachusetts Children’s Book Award presented by Salem State College. Each student is required to read 5 books from the list by the end of February break. For each book that they read, they will write a short response and post it to the assignment in Google Classroom. Each student who reads all 25 books from the list will be invited to a special breakfast party in the library. All necessary information, including the reading log, is posted in Google Classroom.

They will also be launching their campaigns for this year’s Library President. Students in grades 3 – 5 will be voting for the library president later in the fall.

Summer Reading 2017

June 6, 2017 | News

MCBA Reading Project

Each year the 5th graders at Willard School participate in the Massachusetts Children’s Book Award presented by Salem State College. Each student is required to read 5 books from the list by the end of February break. For each book that they read, they will write a short response and post it in their reading log on Google Drive. Any student who reads all 25 books from the list will be invited to a special breakfast party in the library. Last year, 29 students read all the books on the list. How many will meet the challenge this year?

Students may read a hard copy, read an ebook, or listen to an audio book. All formats count. If they have already read one or more books on the list, they only need to submit a comment for that book to count. Most of the books will be available in the library beginning in September. They will also be available from public libraries across the state.

This is not an assigned summer reading project, however, students do have the option to begin reading during the summer. They will begin the writing assignment when they return in the fall. For more information and the book list, please visit my website at


Summer Reading for current 5th graders:

Middle school students are required to read three books this summer, and to complete one creative project on a book of their choice.  Completion of the summer reading will set students up to participate in a school wide community building game:  Literary Labyrinth.  

Details for the summer reading program and requirements can be found on the library website: CMS Summer Reading 2017


Recommended Summer Reading by Grade Level

These lists were compiled by the elementary librarians as Alcott, Thoreau, and Willard.  Use the list for the grade your child will be entering in the fall.

Grade 1SRL1

Grade 2SRL2

Grade 3 SRL3

Grade 4 SRL4

Grade 4 SRL5


Summer Reading Club at the Public Library

This summer we are enjoying numerous fun things to do.  The theme for the reading club, Build a Better World, creates a way for us to view how different people live.  The kick off event which is on Tuesday, June 13, begins with a 2 pm viewing of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at the Main Library Children’s Department with a Giant Candy Land Game on the front lawn of the Main Library beginning at 3 pm.  Register for the reading club while having fun! The Pre-Reader, Kids and Teen programs will take place at both the Main Library and the Fowler Library in West Concord.  Read for 60 minutes during a week to choose from a wide selection of great prizes!  Read ten plus hours and enter for a chance to win a themed gift basket.  There are programs planned for all ages, family movies and concerts on the lawn of the Main Library.  For more information about the summer programs please visit the Library’s website at



April 25, 2017 | News

This month in library classes…

Kindergarteners will listen to a variety of stories and explore the nonfiction section on the library.

Students in grade 1 will begin a research project on weather words.

Students in grade 2 will be doing projects related to our sister school in Nanae, Japan.

Students in grade 3 will be completing their arthropod research projects by creating ebooks which will be published and shared through the library website.

Students in grades 4 and 5 will begin spring research projects.


March 30, 2017 | News

This month in library…

Kindergarteners will be listening to books about spring.

Grade 1 students will be starting a research unit on weather words.

Grade 2 students are finishing their Digital Citizenship unit.  In second grade we focus on taking a parent or other adult with you when you go online because not all websites are safe for kids.

Grade 3 students are doing research on arthropods.  They will be sharing what they’ve learned by making ebooks.

Grade 4 and 5 students are doing their Media Literacy units.  In grade 4 we focus on the truth behind food advertisements and how advertisers use persuasion to sell their products.  In grade 5 we’ll be looking at how the media uses stereotypes to tell a story.