Fall 2022

Library Updates

This fall in library..

Students in grades 1 to 5 have been learning about library organization.  In grades 4 and 5, this includes a review of the library catalog as well as how to physically find books on the shelves in both fiction and nonfiction.  In grade 3, students are learning both of these sets of skills now.  A significant goal for the 3rd grade curriculum is for students to be able to independently locate materials in the library.  In grades 1 and 2, students have been practicing ABC order as a precursor to understanding that fiction books are organized alphabetically by author's last name.  They have also been learning about the different call numbers we use and how those help us identify types of books.

Grades 4 and 5 have now moved on to our Digital Citizenship units.  In these lessons, students learn to be appropriate, responsible, and effective members of the online world.  We cover topics such as personal and private information, strong passwords, cyberbullies, and copyright.

Grade 2 students have also started a unit on identifying parts of fiction and nonfiction books.

Kindergarteners completed a unit on Hispanic authors and illustrators.  They learned about Rafael López, Yuyi Morales, Raúl the Third, and Juana Martinez-Neal.