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Common Sense Media - Not just for books!  Common Sense Media also reviews movies, TV shows, video games and apps.  Their Parents Need to Know page also features articles on a wide range of topics including social networks and screen time.

Diverse Book Finder - The Diverse BookFinder is a comprehensive collection of children's picture books featuring Black and Indigenous people and People of Color.

Where in the World Books - Highlights very best children's books about people, countries and cultures around the world.

Book and a Hug - A book database created by Barb Langridge as a way of helping children find books they love.  Students and parents can search by genre, parts of the world, reading level, or by creating a read profile.

Kids Read - The Book Report Network aims to solve common reader dilemmas, with thoughtful book reviews, compelling features, in-depth author profiles and interviews, excerpts of the hottest new releases, contests and more every week.

Scholastic Book Wizard - A useful website for searching books by reading level.

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