Winter 2023

In library classes

Students in kindergarten through second grade are participating in the Mock Caldecott project.  They have learned about the history of the Caldecott Award and explored a number of past winners.  Over the next few weeks, I will read them a number of picture book contenders for this year's award.  They will review each book we read.  At the end of the project they will vote for their favorite.

Students in grade 3 are beginning their Digital Citizenship unit.  In this unit, they learn how to be appropriate, responsible, and effective internet users.  Our topics include understanding private, personal, and public information online, making strong passwords, online manners, and cyberbullies.

Students in grades 4 and 5 are beginning their Media Literacy units.  Students who are media literate can analyze and evaluate multiple forms of media.  We will begin with using print and video advertisements to explore how the media can use persuasive techniques.  Along with advertisements, students will also investigate news sites and other websites to practice analyzing media for bias and reliability.