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Willard Elementary School is committed to excellence in and out of the classroom. Our mission is to inspire our students to strive for and meet the highest levels of academic and personal achievement, while nurturing a respectful, supportive, engaged, curious, and passionate learning community.

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  • Retirees celebrated at yesterday’s Rose Ceremony May 18, 2017
    Yesterday, we celebrated our retirees at the traditional Rose Ceremony at Willard and we congratulate our retirees for their significant impact on many children and families in Concord. Jaime Malzman, CMS SPED Teacher, 9 years Mitchell Stern, CMS MathRead More…
  • Last night School Committee voted two different calendars for K-8 and CCHS May 2, 2017
    Last night School Committee voted two different calendars for 2017-2018 for K8 and CCHS; K8 will not have school on Rosh Hashanah and Good Friday but CCHS will have school on those days.  Accommodations will be madeRead More…
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Principal's Update

May 24, 2017

Fifth grade students displayed their artistic and musical talents last night at the annual 5th Grade Arts Night. Parents, students, and family members launched the event by viewing the Art Retrospective, a large display of all 5th graders’ artwork. This wonderful display of student work showcases the unique talents of each 5th grader since each student designed an individual 3’X4’ panel by selecting and mounting favorite pieces of artwork created over the course of their elementary school experience. Family members spent time viewing and enjoying the beautiful work featured on all of the panels. The Art Retrospective will remain displayed

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