About Our School

Willard Elementary SchoolThe Willard School is built upon ancient agricultural fields. The Algonquins, Native Americans who once populated what is now Concord, planted and harvested corn, beans and squash using a system called “the three sisters”. Corn was planted in a circle, surrounded by a circle of beans. As the corn stalks grew tall and strong, the beans would climb the stalks, supported and raised from the ground so they would grow plentifully. Around the beans, they planted various types of squashes and pumpkins. These plants sent out massive leaves that covered the ground, helping to hold moisture in the earth and cool the roots of all three plants. The crops grew in harmony, helping each other to thrive and provide a plentiful harvest.The Willard community also works in harmony. By supporting each other and valuing our differences, we all strive to bring out the best in our community. These ancient fields continue to nurture our children today.