Willard uses the Handwriting Without Tears Handwriting programs:
K-2-Manuscripst Handwriting
Grade 3-Cursive Handwriting



Activity Ideas:

  • Start with warm-up activities- (stretching, wall push-ups, chair push-ups)
  • Write letters on a chalk board, then erase with a small wet sponge, and dry with a small paper towel
  • Make letters out of clay
  • Write letters in shaving cream, flour, sand, finger paint
  • Write letters using vibrating pens
  • Rainbow letters-retrace large letters with all of the colors of the rainbow
  • Ghost writing- Write letters on partner's back (with finger) and see if they can guess the letter
  • After learning a letter, practice writing it with closed eyes
  • Make large letters on floor with scotch tape and have kids walk, hop, jump along the formation of the letter.