Virtual Learning Activities


Dear Parents,

During this time of uncertainty with COVID-19 and restricted school access, the occupational therapy (OT)  team would like to do the best we can to continue to engage with your child by providing suggested OT activities that can be performed at home. Attached is a list of suggested free resources, grade appropriate activities, websites, and reproducible worksheets. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide additional information accordingly. Choose an activity and/or activities for 20 minutes a few days a week. Please contact us via email for any specific questions pertaining to your child. Thank you. 

Stay Healthy.


Concord Public Schools Occupational Therapists

Donna Balmuth

Shannon Granger

Nancy Lankford

Jane Rigazio

Stacey Torres


Fine Motor and Strengthening Activities

K-Grade 2

Grade 3-5

  • Picking up small items with tweezers, clothespins, strawberry hullers, spinning tops, using eyedroppers (food coloring, water, bowl & coffee filters)
  • Playing with pop beads, Legos, Waffle Blocks, Tinker Toys,
  • Put pegs, birthday candles, and straws that are cut into playdough & use scissors to cut the playdough, pop bubble wrap
  • Tearing strips (lightweight and medium paper and make a collage
  • Cookie decorating (cake icing, sprinkles 7 tube icing)
  • Create a collage from paper, magazines, etc.
  • April Scissor Skills – Pattern Cut & Glue RAINY DAY (activity sheet below)
  • Legos and other construction toys
  • Board games that include small parts (Operation, Frogs in a Bucket, Trouble, Bed Bugs)
  • Pinching, squeezing, rolling and cutting playdough/clay/putty, hiding small items inside
  • Pinching, squeezing, rolling and cutting clay/putty, putting pegs in clay, hiding small items inside
  • Baking/cooking activities that involve pouring, mixing, and rolling 
  • Origami (link below)
  • Card games like Uno, Crazy 8’s, Fish, War, Rummy
  • Typing Practice- Thoreau and Alcott (grades 3 &4) and Willard (grade 4)  students can access school accounts through the school website for, and Willard (grades 2 & 3) can access Keyboarding Without Tears
Visual Motor and Visual Perceptual Activities

K-Grade 2

Grade 3-5

  • Draw simple shapes (rectangle, square, rectangle, triangle & circles) with thick lines & cut the shapes & make a picture with shapes
  • Make dots & connect the dots to make shapes and simple pictures (a house, a train, etc).
  • Coloring: Make coloring lines wider to provide coloring boundaries.  (link below)
  • Simple Puzzles
  • Mazes
  • Offer a variety of writing/drawing tools: sidewalk chalk, regular chalk, markers, paint brushes 
  • Rainbow Writing  
  • Hidden Pictures and Mazes (Look and Find activity below, and links below)
  • Assemble puzzles and build with blocks and other construction toys
  • Draw and Write (draw a picture and write about it)
  • Write (or type) a letter, grocery and wish lists, or daily journal. 
  • Word Searches
  • Roll a story (activity sheet below)
  • Hidden Pictures and Mazes (links below)
Sensory Motor Activities

    K-Grade 5

  • Sensory Tubs (link below)
  • Write letters in shaving cream, flour, sugar, rice or sand.
  • Using home climbing structures
  • Yoga
  • Play outside on backyard climbing equipment
  • GoNoodle “Sensory and Motor Skills”
  • Simon Says Motor Activity (activity sheet below)
  • Roll a Movement Break w/ dice (activity sheet below)
  • Yoga
  • Gross Motor Bingo (activity sheet below)
Free Online Resources & Links PreK – grade 6+ fun educational games based on Common Core Standards subject areas

Sensory Tubs:

Free Worksheets:

Printable Coloring Pages:

Mazes PreK – 5:



Hidden Pictures: 

Easy Level Printables   

Intermediate Level Printables:

Online Hidden Pictures:


Other Typing Practice Options:

Dance Mat Typing

Speed Typing Online

Activity Pages

Simon Says

St. Paddy’s Day maze

Gross Motor Bingo

Roll a Break 2

Look and Find

Rainy Day Pattern and Cut