Interactive Resources for Students

Trauma Informed Book Room

Virtual Indoor Recess Activities

Coping Skills Virtual Room

The following links are to interactive slideshows that include psycho-educational information about managing thoughts, feelings & behavior- along with related activities, writing & talking prompts.  They are printable, or can be copied & then interactive digitally. There are also links to
read-alouds & guided SEL work.  

Wellness Activity
Wellness Scavenger Hunt

Managing Worry Activity

Understanding Feelings Activity
Managing Frustration Activity

Read Alouds & Guided SEL Work: 
I am Peace by Susan Verde ( a book of mindfulness for kids)
Be the Pond ( a guided meditation for kids)
Moody Cow Meditates ( story about mindfulness & the use of mind jars- for kids)
Be Kind ( a book about the power of kindness by Pat Zietlow Miller)
5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique (walks students through the mindfulness practice)
Sitting Still Like a Frog (guided meditation for kids)
Wilma Jean the Worry Machine (story for kids about managing worry)
The Most Magnificent Thing  ( book by Ashley Spires- about managing frustration & not giving up)