Grade 2 Summer Reading

Watercress by Andrea Wang
Wallace and Grace (series) by Heather Alexander
​​The Critter Club by Callie Barkley
My Weird School (series) by Dan Gutman
Dog Dairies (series) by Kate Klimo
White Fur Flying by Patricia McLachlan
Here’s Hank (series) by Henry Winkler
A to Z Mysteries (series) by Ron Roy
Magic Tree House (series) by Mary Pope Osborne
Grandpa Cacao: A Tale of Chocolate, From Farm to Family by Elizabeth Zunon
The Bad Seed by Jory John
Henry Builds a Cabin by D.B. Johnston
Looking Like Me by Walter Dean Myers
Out into the Big Wide Lake by Paul Harbridge

All the Way to the Top: How One Girl’s Fight for Americans With Disabilities Changed Everything by Annette Pimentel
Spring After Spring by Stephanie Roth Sisson
What Charlie Heard by Morticai Gerstein
How It is Made (series) by RJ Bailey or Erica Donner
Cubs in the Tub: The True Story of the Bronx Zoo’s First Woman Zookeeper by Candace Fleming