Virtual School Day

Message from Mr. Germond  (video link)

Each week while we are away from Willard please do the challenge activity, a dance, a fitness activity, a game and a wrap up relaxation choice. These activities as a whole take more than 20 minutes, and if you choose, you can do more than one. Doing two activities for each part of the lesson can take up to an hour or more. Remember that it's best if you can get at least an hour of exercise every day, eat healthy foods and get plenty of rest each night. I will be adding new activities for you each week. Below this week's activities I will leave all of the previous activities that you can revisit if you are looking for more to do.

Mr. Germond's 9 second fitness time lapse

Lesson for the week of  June 15th -19th

Physical Challenge-  Make your own circuit workout using 4 exercises that will get your heart pumping.  4 stations for each exercise, repeat 3 times so 12 exercises.  Do the exercise for 30 seconds with a rest of 10 seconds in between.  Some sample circuits could be-

Jumping Jacks, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Ski Jumps side to side

Curl-ups, Crab Pushups, Lunges, Jogging in place

Be creative and have fun!

Game -All Gone     Get it Done

Dance - Trolls -Can't Stop the Feeling GoNoodle Dance

Kindness Challenge-"Kindness Rocks!"  Find some time this week to find a few rocks about 4-5 inches long and paint an inspirational word on the rock.  Any word that means something to you.  Then give it to someone as a giftIf you need help click on the link below for a tutorial.  Be creative-

How to make Kindness Rocks

Have a healthy and happy summer! I look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Lesson for the week of  June 8th - 12th

Physical Challenge -If the weather is nice and you have a safe space, please try to get outside and do a little jogging. Jog for at least 3 minutes and if your up to it try to go for 5 minutes. When you finish your jogging, do the stretches we normally do in class and then use the Fitness Spinner . Please do two sets of spins and exercises.

Game - Just Kickin It Game      Kick Up Game

Dance  3 Kids Dance moves to Learn   Kids Bop Shuffle

Kindness Challenge - Get some sidewalk chalk and write some happy messages on your sidewalk or at the end of your driveway. (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT TOO CLOSE TO THE STREET) Another choice would be to help your parents to prepare a meal for your family.

Relaxation- Mindfulness Meditation for Kids (The Flower)


Lesson for the week of  June 1st -5th

Physical Challenge - Click on the link for the Fitness Spinner . Click on the spinner circle. It will spin when it stops do the exercise that it stops on. Please do three sets of spins and exercises.

Game- Take it Back   Add it Up

Dance- Easy Kids Hip Hop Dance

Kindness Challenge- Write a thank you note to your mail carrier or a delivery person. Another choice might be to call or Face-time a grandparent or relative and ask them about what it was like when they were a child.

Relaxation - Easy Relaxation for Kids


Lesson for the week of  May 26th- 29th

Physical Challenge- Try to hold a plank for 6o seconds. If you can't make it to 60 seconds try to do two sets of 30. Next, do 30 mountain climbers.

Game - Slap Ball  Land It

Dance- African Dance for Beginners

Kindness Challenge - Make Mom and Dad very happy by cleaning and organizing your bedroom. Help your parents out by offering to wash and clean the family car.

Relaxation - Kids Meditation for Happiness



Lesson for the week of  May 18th - 22nd

Physical Challenge- If the weather is nice go outside and jog around your yard for 3 minutes. If the weather is inclement do 100 jumping jacks . You can do 4 sets of 25 or 2 sets of 50.

Kindness Challenge- Call a grandparent or a relative just to say "Hello".

Dance-  Great New Dance

Game-  Balance It    Wreck It

Relaxation - 5 Minute Guided Meditation for Children


I hope you all had a chance to participate in National Field Day. If so you can print out a certificate of participation by clicking on the link below: 

National Field Day Certificate 

Lesson for the week of  May 11th -15th

Grade 2 students- I will be hosting an online zoom class on Wednesday this week. Be on the lookout for the invitation from me that your classroom teachers will be forwarding to your families. You will need two sock balls, a trash can and a water bottle. We will be sharing what your favorite National field day activity was and why? We will also be exercising together and playing a game called Sock-ball.

Grades K, 1 .3, 4 & 5 - I will be holding zoom classes for you in the coming weeks as well. For this week please enjoy the lesson below.

Physical Challenge- Do 25 backward lunge steps alternating from right to left

Kindness Challenge- Offer to help clean up around the house or ask your parents if you can help to prepare a meal for the family. If you would like to be super kind maybe offer to do both.

Dance -Better When I'm Dancing Kids Dance

Game - Build it Up

Relaxation -Easy Relaxation for Kids


Lesson for the week of  May 4th-8th

Challenges of the week:

Physical Challenge- 

This week's challenge is to practice for National Field day. Try to do the activities in the two packet links below:

Activity Packet #3 (Games)

Activity Packet #4 (Relays)

On Friday, May 8th participate in our fun filled National Field Day by watching the opening ceremony at , then choose at least 4 of your favorite activities that you practiced from Activity Packets 1 through 4. Remember you may do more if you would like. Once you complete your activities don't forget to fill out the score card. 

National Field day Score Card

All Events Card-Explanation

I would love to see any pictures or videos of you doing the events you choose. Your parents can share them with me if they would like by emailing them to me at . 

 Have fun and Enjoy!

Kindness Challenge- 

Complement at least 5 people today.

Dance -

Kesha "Blow" Dance


Mindfulness Meditation for Kids


Lesson for the week of  April 27- May 1st

Challenges of the week:

Physical Challenge-

Grades k- 5 - Please start to practice for National Field Day to be held on Friday, May 8th. Do activity packet 1 & 2 . Once complete fill out practice plan 1 &2

Here are the links: 

Activity Packet #1 (Games)  

Activity Packet #2 (Games)

Practice Plan for Activity Packet #1 

 Practice Plan for Activity Packet #2

Kindness Challenge- Do a favor someone without being asked and without asking for anything in return.

Dance Choice- 

 Brain Breaks -Body Boogie

 Cake by the Ocean - Kid's bop

Fitness/ Activity Choice  

Rally Battle  Maybe try this in the garage or on your driveway.

Squat and Sock Toss Game


 Peace Out Guided relaxation


Lesson for the week of  April 13-17

Challenges of the week:   

Physical Challenge- Do a 100 jumping jacks (try 4 sets of 25) This will get your heart and body moving. 

 Kindness Challenge- Take a few minutes to call or Facetime a family member or friend to say "hello"

Dance ChoiceThunder Dance  I like to move it Dance

Fitness and Activity choiceDarebee Workout of the week  Standup and move for kids (Sworkit)

GamesPE active board game  Kicking Corners

RelaxationCosmic Kids Yoga  Bring it down - GoNoodle


Previous Activities Below

Juggle with Socks!  Try with one, two, or three socks.  Try “scooping”

Get Moving!  Scroll through these GoNoodle routines and pick one for you

Dance along to  Can’t Stop the Feeling!

Try the student led Tabatas below
Any exercise can be incorporated into the Tabata training method.  The basic outline of the Tabata training method is as follows: 
               - 4 minutes long (whole Tabata Session) 
               - 20 seconds of intense training followed by 10 seconds of rest 
               - total of 8 sessions or rounds
For instance, you can do 20 seconds of jumping jacks and 10 seconds of rest.  You can switch out any high intensity exercise for the jumping jacks.

Challenge Activity: Grades 3-5  Ultimate 20 Minute Full Body Workout for Kids

Do you have access to a basement, garage, or driveway?
If so, try these:
         - Jump rope for 5 minutes
         - Practice dribbling a basketball for 5 minutes

Here are a few more activities and games to try for all grade levels:

Tabatas for Elementary School students

More Tabatas for younger Elementary Students

Physical Education at home

Active Home

Kids Hit workout 2

Family and Kids Hit Workout

Kids Beginner Workout One

Yoga for Kids

Unicorn Yoga

Jump rope activities to try at home

Partner jump rope activities to try at home

Basketball skills to try

More Basketball skills

How to throw a frisbee

4 minute warmup

Beginners circuit workout

Quick Hit workout

Star Wars Kids workout

Learn the Cupid Shuffle

Joe Wick's Daily PE workout  New 3/29

PE games for families at home  New 3/29

April Fitness Challenge  New 3/29

Build a better pushup New 3/29

My Hero Drum Dance  New 3/29

Super Mario Fitness Challenge  New 4/3

Jump Into Fitness Challenge  New 4/3

Kids Hip Hop Dance  New 4/3

Try Fitness Checkers  New 4/3  


Try the Bottle Flip Challenge  New 4/3 

Try the Chutes and Ladders Fitness Game  New 4/3