February 2020

This month in library classes…

Kindergarteners are learning about the difference between fiction and nonfiction books and listening to examples of both.

Grade 1 students are finishing up their book parts unit and will be moving on to fairy tales after February break.

Grade 2 students are beginning their book parts unit which builds on vocabulary practiced in first grade and then adds in more nonfiction text features.

Grade 3 students are finishing up their unit on call numbers and using the library catalog.  One goal in grade 3 is for students to become more independent library users.  At the end of the unit, students should be able to search for a book in the catalog and locate it on the shelves.

Grade 4 students are working on their Media Literacy unit.  We began with learning about how and why images may be altered and the students learned how to make their own altered images.  Next they will be learning about advertising and persuasion techniques used in the media.

Grade 5 students are finishing up their Media Literacy unit.  The last part of the unit focuses on evaluating news and other sources online.