October 2019

This month in library classes…

Kindergarten students are learning about farms.  They are listening to farm stories, participating in farm-themed songs, and practicing nursery rhymes.

First graders are learning about library organization.  After spending several weeks practicing alphabetical order in the picturebook section, they will now begin learning about call numbers and how they help us find books in the library.

Second graders spent a few weeks reviewing call numbers and alphabetical order.  They will now begin a unit on using reference sources, both print and online.

Students in third, fourth, and fifth grades began the year reviewing call numbers and library organization.  All groups are now working on Digital Citizenship units.  Digital Citizenship focusses on appropriate, responsible, and effective use of technology.  All students were introduced to the CPS K-5 Acceptable Use Policy.  They are also learning about personal and private information, online manners, and cyberbullies.