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January 2019


Dear Parents,


Happy New Year! It’s been great to see your children again after a restful and wonderful break.


Now that we are back at school, all grade levels just completed a three-week volleying unit.


Grades K & 1 worked on the concept of volleying (striking an object in the air) with balloons, balloons in a bag, and then finally beach balls. Students were taught to volley the beach balls using a forearm bump and the overhead set. To culminate the unit the classes played many vigorous games of “Clean the House”. This is a fun game where students volley many balls over the net at the same time trying to get as many balls as possible over the net to the other teams side before the music stops. Grade 2 also had the chance to play “Clean the House” as well as a modified volleyball game called “Newcomb”.


Grades 3-5 worked on the skills and teamwork of volleyball. Students were taught the forearm bump, the overhead set, and spiking, as well as the underhand and overhand serve. The culmination of the unit was to play a modified volleyball game where teams were rewarded for using multiple hits to get the ball over the net. A team that used three players to volley the ball over the net received 3 points, two players 2 points and one player 1 point. It was great to see the teamwork that happened as a result.


As we are now moving to the end of January and early February all classes have moved on to a Rock Climbing unit. This is a great unit where students not only work on their fitness and upper body strength, but also students are problem solving as they traverse the rock wall throughout the many games that we play.


Lastly, as with every newsletter please remind your children to bring their sneakers to school on PE days for safety.


If you have any questions or concerns please email me at


Best Regards,

Mr. Germond