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Dear Parents,


Spring seems to be finally arriving as we head into April. Fingers crossed and “Thank Goodness!”


So here is what has and will be happening in PE class for April.


We have just begun an exciting two-week fitness unit. With the completion of the gymnastics I use all of our equipment to set up a large obstacle course. There are cargo nets to climb, ropes to swing on, tunnels to climb through and much more. On the first day on the course we have a short chat about fitness, it’s benefits and how the body responds to exercise, we then demonstrate the elements of the course and then I spread all students out on different starting points. Once I start the music off they go, as the students begin to circulate around the course. We have the children go non- stop for 20 minutes, thereby getting a good aerobic workout. Students are encouraged to stop once during that time to sit and listen to their heartbeat with a stethoscope once they have been moving for at least 5 -10 minutes. It’s always so interesting to see the expression on their face when they hear their heart beating so quickly from the exercise that they are doing. After we workout for 20 minutes on the course we take a water break and rest for a few minutes. We then start to move again through the course until it’s time to line up and call it a day. So far all of our students seem to be really enjoying the course.


Later in April, Grades 3-5 will be moving onto Team Challenges and Cooperative Games and Grades K-2 will be moving on to rope jumping skills and games.


On another note, Grades 3-5 will be having their spring ½ Mile – Mile run the week of April 30th –May4th. As the weather improves please encourage your child to get out and do some jogging to prepare/train for this run. All parents that have a child with asthma please make sure that our Nurse Mrs. Sullivan has an inhaler for your child to use prior to coming to class.


As always please remind your child to come to school on PE days with appropriate clothing and sneakers.



Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at


Best Regards,

Mr. Germond