Willard P.E. News


Volume 11 issue 2                                        October 2017

 Dear Parents,

We are now settling into October and as the leaves change so do our units in Physical Education.

Grades K-2 have spent the last 4 weeks on throwing and catching skills through various lead-up activities and games. We reinforced the skills worked on in class through some of the games listed below:

  • Clean the House
  • Sink My Ship
  • Return of the Jedi
  • Blast Away

The next two weeks grades K-2 will be working on teamwork, cooperation and listening skills through various parachute activities and games. This short unit is always a favorite for our younger students.

Grades 3-5 have just completed a very successful In-Line Skating unit. I have to say that I was so impressed with how all of our students did. Many of our students that have never skated before are now able to skate, and most of our students now have a good grasp on how to put on their own gear. I heard many of my students mention that they would like to get their own In-Line skating gear.

I would especially like to thank all the 3rd grade parents volunteers that gave their time to come assist our students with gearing up to skate. Without you skating for grade 3 would not have been possible.

Grades 3-5 have now moved onto a Flag Football unit. Students in these grades will learn how to throw a football with a spiral, catch a pass, run a route, take a handoff, center (Hike) the ball, defend a pass, kickoff and punt. Classes will play various lead-up games to reinforce these skills and the unit will culminate with a flag football game on week 3

In late October and early November students in grades 3-5 will be having a fitness test measuring aerobic endurance and stamina. Grade 3 will do a ½ mile run/walk and grades 4 & 5 will do a mile run/walk. With this in mind we have started to prepare and train by jogging for increased increments of time as a warm-up in each class. Please encourage your children to get out and jog in their free time to prepare for this event.

All students with asthma should make sure that they have given an inhaler to our school nurse, Mrs. Sullivan, in order to prevent any issues.

 Lastly, just a reminder to please make sure that your children come prepared for activity on PE days with appropriate footwear (sneakers) and clothing.

Best Regards,

Mr. Germond