August / September 2018

Welcome to a New Year at Willard!

Due to the diligent work in the library and IT departments, library books will be able to go home on the first day of school.  Students in grades K – 2 are each allowed 1 book while students in grades 3 – 5 may check out two at a time. Library books are always due back during the student’s library class and can be renewed if a student needs more time. Popular books may only be renewed once.

If a students forget their books, they may trade them in on a different day first thing in the morning.


This month in Library Classes:

Students will be acclimating to a new school year. Students in kindergarten will be learning about book care and library procedures. Students in all grades will be creating passports for use at the Willard International Fair.  Students in grades 2-5 will also be learning about being responsible digital citizens as they create their passports using Google Apps for Education.

Fifth graders will be starting the Massachusetts Children’s Book Award project presented by Salem State College. This in an annual 5th grade project.  Each student is required to read 5 books from the list by the end of February break. For each book that they read, they will write a short response and post it to the assignment in Google Classroom. Each student who reads all 25 books from the list will be invited to a special breakfast party in the library. All necessary information, including the reading log, is posted in Google Classroom.

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