October 2017

This month in library…

Kindergarteners are learning some library vocabulary, such as author, illustrator, return, and renew, as they continue to practice library routines.

First grade students are practicing alphabetical order and will soon be learning about call numbers to better understand library organization.

Second grade students will be starting a unit on book parts, which includes features of non-fiction texts.

Third grade students are also learning about library organization, specifically how to find books in fiction and non-fiction using call numbers.  Later in the fall, they will also be learning how to use the online catalog to find books in the library.

Fourth grade students will be starting a their Digital Citizenship unit, which teachers children how to be safe, appropriate, and effective users of technology.

Fifth grade students are continuing their work on their library president campaigns as well as the MCBA project, which will conclude when we return from February break.