Music Standards


  • We follow the nine standards for Music Education that were developed by the Music Educators National Convention:
  • 1.  Singing alone and with others, varied song material.
  • 2.  Performing on instruments alone and with others, varied musical literature.
  • 3.  Improvising music.
  • 4.  Composing music.
  • 5.  Reading and Writing music.
  • 6.  Listening and analyzing to music, describing music we hear.
  • 7.  Evaluating music, performers and performances.
  • 8.  Understanding music as compared to other arts.
  • 9.  Understanding music in history and culture.
  • The Massachusetts Music Frameworks adds Critical Response to this list.  In this strand, students describe and analyze their own music and the music of others using appropriate music vocabulary.  They evaluate performances and learn audience behavior.  They respond to music through purposeful movement in the form of dances or moving thoughtfully while singing or playing music.