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Music News for November/December 2017

Students will be learning about the composer, Mozart, in December.  We will learn some fun facts about him (ie:  he loved the clarinet!)  and listen to some of his piano music, his first symphony that he wrote when he was in approximately 3rd grade, and some of his opera songs.  Your students should know something about Mozart and recognize his music.

The whole school is preparing for our first-ever all-school concert on December 13th at 7 pm in our own Willard gym.  We will be singing songs to honor people in Puerto Rico as we raise some funds for them.

Kindergarten:  We have been marching to the beats of music that is fast and slow.  We are working on singing in tune.  We are starting a musical play of Tikki Tikki Tembo, singing songs of the season (Frosty the Snowman and Jingle Bells), playing some new instruments, and playing the musical games,  Little Tommy Tittlemouse and Thorn Rosa.

First grade:  Students are now reading simple rhythms using quarter and eighth notes.  We will soon be learning about quarter rests.  We are doing the musical play, The Little Red Hen, singing This Little Light of Mine and Under One Sky.

Second grade:  Second graders have learned about sixteenth notes that we call “TiriTiri”—essentially four sounds in one beat.  We have learned the high and low sounds that we call, “SO and MI (pronouced “ME”).  We are starting to learn a higher note, LA.  Students are singing well and enjoying the dances:  Pata Pata and Close Encounters.

Third graders are playing recorders!  Using the notes—B, A, and G, we have a great start. 

Fourth graders have learned a syncopated rhythm with some great songs:  The Wind Blow East, My Paddle, Land of the Silver Birch, and Mango Walk.  We are about to learn to read and write notes below DO:  Low LA and Low SO.  We start a unit on musical forms with Rondo.  A Rondo is A, B, A, C, A and students will soon have some understanding of that. 

Fifth graders are amazing singers!  We are singing some songs in Spanish (De Colores) along with the songs they learn in Spanish class.  We are doing Vine and Fig Tree and LaTiDoTiLa—a really fun round.  We will start learning about chords and their functions this month to prepare to learn about jazz.